Your Woo Woo + Your Brand

If you’ve been listening or reading to a lot of online entrepreneurs lately, you’ve been hearing about woo woo. It’s awful fun to say outloud (go on and give it a try) as well as something that is driving makers, doers, and shakers to reach outside of themselves and their world into the larger universe. It’s kind of a powerful thing to see.

But something that I think gets misconstrued is that woo-woo means candles and crystals and sending vibes out into the world and universe.

I don’t believe that it does.

What I know is that your woo-woo, whatever it may be, has a place in your brand.


Whatever Your Woo-Woo Is

I think that Kathleen Shannon (Braid Creative and Being Boss) made a great observation about successful people in the online business world. She created a whole mini episode that addresses the emerging patterns she sees in successful bosses. Her observations are pretty astute and frankly I’ve seen the patterns myself.

In this episode (I recommend giving it a listen; It’s only 8 and a half minutes long) she mentions that faith of some kind is a constant she sees. And honestly, as someone who follows some pretty big influencers on social media and read their blogs, I see that trend myself.

So when I talk about your woo woo in your business, you could have spirituality in your brand (like the Chalkboard method that creates space for the universe to fill) or even a prayer for someone you see going through a tough time. It could be new age crystal magic or a steadfast and personal relationship with Jesus Christ or any other religious influence you have.

You might have some reservations about this and that is understandable. Chances are that you have been conditioned through years of working in day jobs that you should never discuss religion or politics at or in your job. But isn’t that at least in part why we do this? Because we don’t want to have to follow someone else’s rules on what we should wear, when we should work, and what we should and should not talk about? I think it is.

We as creatives strikeout to make our own way and our own rules. To live a life that we want to live that may not fit in the conventional “box.”

How To Woo-Woo In Your Brand

Hopefully, you see why your woo woo belongs in your brand if you want it there. If not,  I’ll go through it briefly. You are a part of your brand at the very least. This is your brand, more likely than not, built to reflect who you are through your content, work, and how you interact with people. Your woo woo is a part of you. You as a human being are biologically wired for religion and faith of some kind. It’s ok if you don’t have it, but if you do, it belongs in your business just as much as cute pictures of your cat does.

Example scenario:

You meet a wonderful prospect. You have coffee and click. You know that you can provide a service to them that can have an amazing impact for them but their business partner bows out unexpectedly of the business days before you get the client under contract. This person has gone from a prospect ready to go under contract to someone who is no longer interested in your services.

When they called you to tell you, they explained the situation but there was a tinge of worry in their voice. You know that shifting a business can and will most likely be an absolute nightmare and you get the urge to say, “I know that this is going to be difficult for you and I completely understand. I’ll be praying for you and your business.” Even if they are not personally the praying type, it reassures them that you are thinking about them more than your loss of income and the amount of work that you have put into them as a prospect.

This kind of situation happens all the time. If you get an urge to say, “I’ll be praying for you,” or “God forbid,” or even “I feel like the universe is not down with this decision,” then say it. Part of having a brand built on your personality is showing your personality through your brand, even if corporate so and sos would say to stow it.


  • Sending a prayer to someone seeming to struggle with something
  • Sending positive thoughts to a prospect that was not the right fit
  • Posting a prayer for success for others on Instagram
  • Promoting a printable that references religion
  • Saying a prayer or sending thanks to whomever at a conference

Wrapping Up

Really the single biggest reason you shouldn’t be afraid to let your woo-woo (whatever that may be) shine in your business is because your woo-woo is a big part of you and you are most certainly a huge part of your business. Your woo-woo is in a lot of big ways what makes you you. And your business wouldn’t be what it without you.

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