A New Resource For Small Biz Owners

I’m going about this a little differently than I thought I was going to. Yay for the amazing unexpected.

I don’t know about you, but there are times when I’m researching and taking courses and trying to piece things together for myself that I will look at the task at hand and wish that there was someone sitting there with me writing out my to do list and telling me exactly what to do. As good as figuring stuff out for myself is, between a full time job, being a wife, a family member to a sizeable family, my fur baby, and frankly my life, I don’t care about struggle and bootstrapping it and having that “achievement.” Screw that. I like sleep. And I like eating. And I like having me time. I need that me time.


Starting a business is hard.

Knowing what you should do is hard.

Gathering all of the information to make something magic* happen is damn hard work and take a lot out of you. Worst of all, it takes a lot of time.

I have written about renewable resources like money and clients in the past and emphasized one BFD that is the number one nonrenewable resource. Your time!

*By “magic” I mean getting refried beans on your laptop while the cat sticks his head in a jar of queso and you're right about to cry when dinner starts to burn as your trying to get a blog post up. Magic, baby…

Good News, Sweets. I Got You

I know what this feels like. I know that if someone had said to me, “You can have a lesson on how to do [insert topic here], I’ll give you resources to expand on the topic from influencers and worksheets to help you succeed, and a step by step to do list.” I’d have been like, “I’ll give you Chi the Cat for access to this. I just want to see him on weekends. Okay?”

I won’t ask for your fur babies in exchange. That’s just mean.

But what I have done is make Toolkits.

This is not random topics for me. This is all of my research, resources I used, resources I created and a summary wrapped up in an “audio lesson,” and all of my to-dos. All of ‘em.

“How Does This Help Me?”

Before you get all, “Ew this chick is trying to sell me something.” Let me tell you. You’re not wrong. But I’m also all about playing the beta before downloading the game so you can get a free Toolkit below by pressing that button. All I ask in return is your email.

Now, onto how this benefits you.

Toolkits are self-paced. You can implement them at your own speed. You can implement only parts of them. You can do whatever you want with them pretty much. They are a resource for you to grow and implement as you see fit, boss. Because, well, you’re the boss.

Toolkits are made on topics that you need. Below I list the Toolkits that will be available on launch day. These are topics that I had to dig into really early and are relevant across industries.

Toolkits is an ever growing, ever changing library. Each month, a new Toolkit will be added to the roster and they never leave. You have access to the same Toolkits and brand new ones on relevant topics each month.

Toolkits is affordable. I see $300 courses and can’t help but think, “Holy moly that’s my car payment.” When you’re just starting out, $300 is a freaking lot. I know I don’t want to spend anything I don’t have to, but I also know that investing in my business and getting something out of it is a big deal. $19.00 a month is three trips to Starbucks. $19.00 a month is doable.

You really can just get one for free.

Topics You’ll See At Launch

Discovering Your Brand

  •     Why Your Brand Needs Your Woo woo
  •     Developing an Onboarding Process
  •     Talking About Money
  •     Sales Funnels

Seeing a topic you may be interested in? You can download your free Toolkit below and check out the membership page here. See you on the other side!

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