Be More Clear With Packages

Not to be dramatic, but “to package or not to package” is a question that has been plaguing the creative entrepreneur community for just about as long as people have been looking for pricing clarification (the dawn of the dot com era : )) But in all seriousness, I’ve seen this question come up again and again. How to offer a premium service that includes everything without packaging. So today, I’m playing devil’s advocate with a “why not?” and one solid reason to bundle your best offer up and enhance your branding.


How The Two Are Related

This chick could bring anything back to branding.
Probably. I’ll have to try that later.

But the one thing that ties branding and packaging together in just the perfect super duper way is clarity. That’s right, clarity.

How Packaging Brings Brand Clarity

Sure, be vague.
I’m providing clarity right now. Promise.

But here is how this works like a charm. First, you drop all the shit that isn’t what you do best, isn’t making you money, and isn’t serving who you want to be serving. Then, you bundle what's left (and that works together, it does have to work, folk.) into one beautiful, actionable, and money making package of awesome. You then take your package of awesome through the marketing machine and get prospective clients that know what you do, how you do it, who you do it for, and how it serves them.

Your brand should be working for you while you’re single-spooning a pint of ice cream and bingeing the show of your choice.

Your light bulb should be lit up like the crack of dawn. You know (smarty pants) that all of those questions that your package sales page is now answering are vital branding tools. So now instead of fielding ill fitting client after ill fitting client (and spending your biggest nonrenewable resource TIME), you’re sitting back, watching Call The Midwife (because it’s rad) and getting stronger leads.

And let’s be real. Your brand should be working for you while you’re single-spooning a pint of ice cream and bingeing the show of your choice (can’t recommend Call The Midwife enough.)

So if creating a package of your awesome and let it weed out the not so hot prospects, then why wouldn’t you do it? Don’t answer that.

Instead answer these.

5 Questions to Ask Yourself (And Maybe A Biz Bestie)

  1. Are other business owners in my niche packaging?

  2. Is it standard practice in my industry?

  3. How am I benefiting from not packaging?

  4. What would be the benefits if I did?

  5. How could this streamline my business and process?

How To Use These Answers For Your Brand

I know this post hasn’t been about too many actionable steps and whatnot, but if you are asking questions, you’re on the right track. See, while I’m a huge fan of creating packages for your services, I know it’s not for everyone. And not to be contrary, but even if you thinks it’s not for you, how do you know? Have you analyzed? Well now you have five questions to start thinking about.

Restructuring is no joke. And I don’t encourage you to jump in like it’s the deep end if you’re not ready. But hey, it gives your brand clarity and you a reason to relaunch (and maybe up your prices). So what does it hurt to ask the questions? Nothing.

Decided to take the plunge and restructure? Well don’t worry, boo. You don’t have to have your ass on two saddles. And talking to clients, new and old, about money doesn’t have to be a painful process. Check out the Toolkit below for an audio lesson, resources, and a to do list for money talks. Fo’ free.