Music Monday // Florence + the Machine

Music Monday!!!! This week I’m highlighting an incredible artist rather than a playlist because she is the best! This playlist of Florence + the Machine is three albums worth of hot damn.

So Why Florence + the Machine?

  1. Her voice. She is an incredibly talented woman. Her voice, for me personally, is like Freddy Mercury’s was. When I hear either one of them sing, I get goose bumps. I get a physical reaction to the sound.
  2. The sound. This is probably one of my favorite things about Florence + the Machine. That ethereal sound that comes with most of the music. I kind of really, really dig that. It’s so unique in a day and age where nearly everything sounds the same.
  3. The message. The words in these three albums are powerful, there's artistry there like old school hip hop, and really, really insightful. Love it.


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