Setting Real Goals: A Step By Step Guide - Part 2

Welcome to part two of a three part series on goal setting. This is a legit hold your hand through the whole process and help you make it happen guide to making your wants wanted-s. I hope you brought more paper, your list of wants from last time, and have made some hard decisions. Let’s get to it.


Welcome back to goals setting step by step! Today, we are tackling the third and fourth steps, that, while not as emotionally charged, are where you are going to spend most of your time working on this process.

I personally do this a year at a time in life and business and strive toward three or four major goals for the whole year. Other stuff doesn’t get the same kind of treatment because I only have three or four overarching goals for a year at a time because if I’m being honest, sometimes even that is too much.

So enough on that, let’s dive into step 3.

Step 3. Do The Math

Math is scary shit. I get it. Trust me I do. But from here we need to figure out what it is going to take to get what you want in smaller, manageable pieces. This breakdown can be anything from a quarter (I’d go smaller) to hourly if you so desire. Now hourly seems a bit excessive to me, but if you feel like you need an hour by hour accountability system, then do it. I have it listed below for you if you do, well how to get there anyway.

If you’re anything like me, the “m” word terrifies you down to your toes. So for this part, I had hubs help me break it down to share because he sees numbers a his heart soars. Here is what we came up with.

Start here:

Big Fat Awesome Goal

Quarter 1        Quarter 2        Quarter 3        Quarter 4

Each quarter has 13 weeks in it, which means you need to break your quarter into 13 doable pieces.

W1    W2    W3    W4    W5    W6    W7    W8   W9    W10    W11    W12    W13

This part is pretty simple. You know there are seven days in a week and each day needs to be broken down.

Sun.         Mon.         Tues.         Wed.         Thur.         Fri.         Sat.


This is where is gets kind of hairy and super personal. If you have certain hours that you have designated for work, it will be easier. If you need this accountability, then go for it, but if you know you can give yourself a few tasks a day that will land you where you want to be, I wouldn’t get this involved with it.

How ever many hours you work in a day.

Something to keep in mind also is that your goal may not require all of these slots. If you can’t think of 13 ways to make Q1 happen and only have 7, as long as those are 7 hardcore productive things that you can be doing, then that is all you need.

The break down above is for people who need that constant accountability or have some really big goals to hit. Either of those situations, you might want to break it down to the week at least.

Step 4. Start Breaking It Down

Now that you have a guide to follow on how much this going to get broken down, now is the time to start. I have found that working quarter by quarter is really advantageous. You establish all four quarterly goals and start busting them down chunk by chunk until you have bite sized, easily attainable mini goals that you can knock out, pat yourself on the back and keep moving through.

Not going to lie, one of the most satisfying things in the world is to tick off to dos day after day and then three months later checking off one of four milestones. It’s huge.

So an example is:

  1. Attend a creative conference

1A. Decide date to have money by

A. Find out dates for conference

1. Join the mailing list

Go to the website

See if there is a content upgrade incentive

Sign up for the content upgrade

2. Follow on social media

Follow on Twitter

Follow on Instagram

Follow on FB

3. Engage on social media

Engage on Twitter

Engage on Instagram

Engage on FB

B. Choose conference

1. Based on location

Find out location of conference

2. Based on airfare

Watch for deals to location

Research best airfare months in advance

3. Based on hotel rates

Try to find a roommate

Take advantage of special hotel rates

C. Set goal date

1. Based on conference date

Be mindful of big events (birthdays, anniversary, move etc.)

Aim for being able to save for one year

2. Based on airfare

Choose reasonable season to fly

3. Find a roomie for hotel

See if anyone you know is going

See if anyone is looking for a roomie

The example above is part of my own break down plan to attend a creative conference next year.

All of this added up (in addition to the rest of my outline) is a breakdown to individual tasks that need to be completed on a regular basis.

Pausing It Here

I know that technically this part of this series is shorter in length, but there is plenty to be done in steps 3 and 4. This is a process and you should be sure to take your time. It’s not easy and it’s going to take some serious, calculating thought, but if you get through this, you have a roadmap for success that not only kicks ass like you ; ) but also a map to achieving an overarching goal that you may not have thought possible when you decided that you wanted it in step 1.

I really want to know how you’re progressing. You can share using #setforrealgoals and tagging me @nicolina.mchugh on Instagram to show me what you got! What is your top Month goal? Nothing too personal to share? Take a picture and share it!

I’m super excited to cheer you on. (I love goal setting. It makes me happy.)